Fire Meet Gasoline

The author, photographed during his transformation.
The author, photographed during his transformation.

“Flame you came to me … Fire meet gasoline” – Sia, Fire Meet Gasoline

You know the drill. While in your tender, formative years at school, all opportunities to challenge and exceed yourself at sports must be pursued. After school practice, Saturday morning matches and the big one — the yearly Sports Day, where the student population would be carved up into color-coded ‘houses’ and set in opposition to each other. Lord of the Flies without the sharp, pointed sticks. Continue reading “Fire Meet Gasoline”

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Running On Empty


“There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea, no past, no future.”
– Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai

A strange mist envelops my mind and smothers my ability to concentrate. I try to form coherent thoughts but the experience is like trying to eat an overly doughy pancake. Instead, I attempt to focus my attention on the impressive beam of light emanating from my weighty torch, pregnant with eight, heavy ‘D’ size batteries. Continue reading “Running On Empty”

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The Phantom Tollbooth


“Thus the allegory of the Self murdered by the not-self is perpetuated through the religious mysticism of all peoples” – Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

A tiny desk had been placed in the hallway just outside my classroom. Two equally diminished chairs completed the setting. The furniture was small because I too was small, a shy seven year-old child. It was my second year attending school in the misty hills overlooking the South Australian city of Adelaide. Continue reading “The Phantom Tollbooth”

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At the Bay of Boredom


 “But though the ocean and intertidal water already swarmed with life, the land above the high-tide line was still, so far as we can guess, a stony wilderness without a trace of life.” – H. G. Wells, Outline of History

The creeping shadow of boredom was once again clouding my countenance. It presented itself in confounding opposition to the crystal blue cloudless sky and warm sun. A Father of two young girls, staring down the barrel of the big four-zero, I had begun to experience the faint sense of an approaching finality. Work, eat, and sleep. Continue reading “At the Bay of Boredom”

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