Running On Empty


“There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea, no past, no future.”
– Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai

A strange mist envelops my mind and smothers my ability to concentrate. I try to form coherent thoughts but the experience is like trying to eat an overly doughy pancake. Instead, I attempt to focus my attention on the impressive beam of light emanating from my weighty torch, pregnant with eight, heavy ‘D’ size batteries. Continue reading “Running On Empty”

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Freedom Is No Longer Free

One final breath and I follow Calypso down into the waters off Ogygia. Photograph by the author.
One final breath and I follow Calypso down into the waters off Ogygia. Photograph by the author.

“Society cares for the individual only so far as he is profitable.” – Simone de Beauvoir, The Coming of Age

 “Can I take a couple of lead weights with me?” requests the pretty Italian girl who is interning with the dive shop. The girl wants to thread the weights on the belt that would rest on her shapely hips, aiding her in her planned descent beneath the waves. The boat skipper is not swayed by her deep, iridescent eyes and swathe of luscious, shoulder length hair.  Continue reading “Freedom Is No Longer Free”

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The Phantom Tollbooth


“Thus the allegory of the Self murdered by the not-self is perpetuated through the religious mysticism of all peoples” – Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

A tiny desk had been placed in the hallway just outside my classroom. Two equally diminished chairs completed the setting. The furniture was small because I too was small, a shy seven year-old child. It was my second year attending school in the misty hills overlooking the South Australian city of Adelaide. Continue reading “The Phantom Tollbooth”

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“As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these, if vigorous, branch out and overtop on all sides many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever-branching and beautiful ramifications.”
– Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

The phone on my work desk rings.

“Excuse me while I take this call.” I tell the stranger opposite me.

I lift the handset. “Oh Tim! Tohru has been attacked by dogs. He’s bleeding Tim. He’s dying in my arms!” Continue reading “Tohru”

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At the Bay of Boredom


 “But though the ocean and intertidal water already swarmed with life, the land above the high-tide line was still, so far as we can guess, a stony wilderness without a trace of life.” – H. G. Wells, Outline of History

The creeping shadow of boredom was once again clouding my countenance. It presented itself in confounding opposition to the crystal blue cloudless sky and warm sun. A Father of two young girls, staring down the barrel of the big four-zero, I had begun to experience the faint sense of an approaching finality. Work, eat, and sleep. Continue reading “At the Bay of Boredom”

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Coke versus Pepsi Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love High Fructose Corn Syrup

 U.S. President George W. Bush meets with former Presidents and President-elect Obama in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

“Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” – Frank Zappa

Many, many years ago my parents took my sister and I to see a Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Game. To say that I was excited is an understatement. As a young boy obsessed with Saturday morning television fare, I was finally going to see in the flesh characters that I had only previously seen depicted as guest stars in one of my favourite shows – Scooby-Doo. Continue reading “Coke versus Pepsi Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love High Fructose Corn Syrup”

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